Guns Guns

This is a duel. Call it a showdown between acoustic and electronic. The high caliber cuts sparkle with introspective lyrics, jangly guitars, poppin synths, barreling bass lines, bangin beats, and exhilarating auxiliaries.

This is also a face-off between friends.

Martin Ballew wrote all the songs, sang, and played guitar.

Paul Beaudry (autOaudiO) played multiple instruments, programmed beats, and arranged the music. He recorded and produced it at Soundtrack Unlimited.

Guns Guns was first born in a basement in Bellingham, Washington in 1998, when Martin Ballew and Paul Beaudry found themselves with a little time away from their other musical projects and bands. A handful of songs were tracked “just for the fun of it”, but priorities eventually lie elsewhere. Flash forward through time and space and the universe managed to bring these two back together to fight it out in the future.